Lash Care

If you are investing in our luxury mink, we recommend spending a little TLC when it comes to looking after your false lashes, ensuring you get the most life out of them possible. When you take the extra care to wash and store your mink lashes, they can last up to 25 wears, meaning you're not only get to wear your favorite lashes over and over, you save money as well!

How to store your mink lashes

It’s essential to avoid anything crushing your false lashes, which can also lead to them becoming misshapen. The best option is to keep the original tray that they were packaged in, and put the eyelash strips back into it between wears. 

This also allows you to pop them into your handbag easily, for those days when you’re heading straight from the office to a party, and want to change up your makeup look.

Can I sleep in my mink lashes?

We know that feeling of getting back from a night out and wanting to crash straight into bed, but please try not to sleep in your lashes. Smooshing them against a pillow for eight hours can permanently crease them, ruining their precisely-created shape and making them look far less natural and beautiful.

Can I wear mascara with my mink lashes?

It’s perfectly fine to apply mascara to your natural lashes before applying false ones – in fact, we recommend it! This creates a stiffer shelf for the false eyelashes to sit on. Just remember to allow the mascara to dry before continuing, if you want to keep your falsies mascara-free.