Natural Curly Hair Care Tips

Natural Curly Hair Care Tips

(We all love the fullness that Curly hair gives us, but when it comes to maintaining it...we must admit it’s a hassle sometimes. 

Here’s a few tips I recommend when caring for your raw curly hair extensions. 
First, section off your hair into 3-4 parts. This allows it to be easier to keep sections in smaller proportions. 

Next, select your conditioner and or curl cream of choice and mix it with water in a spray bottle. I like to also add in essential oils such as coconut oil and tea tree oil for extra moisture. Use a wide tooth comb or large paddle brush to comb through hair from bottom and working your way up. This method causes less damage to the extensions which causes longer lifespan of hair. 

When drying your hair you can either go for the straight air dry method like many or for the ones on the go I recommend using a blow dryer with a diffuser on low heat. Dry about 60% of your hair then allow the remainder to air dry. 

At night, you should never use a head covering made from cotton as this will dry the hair out, cause tangles and give it a dull lifeless look. You should always use a satin cap or a satin scarf as this material helps retain the moisture in the hair.



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